Month: March 2014

Open house marketing: 4 things sellers should avoid

  Most of us are all too familiar with the television channel HGTV (Home & Garden Television) with its lavish home remodel and spunky hosts. [...]

3 Reasons the Housing Market Should Thrive in 2014

  I thought this study was very intriguing, and thought it would help with many of our clients in today's market that are on the fence.  Recently, [...]

Does your real estate website answer the questions that buyers and sellers are asking in their minds?

They wonder things like … •Who are you? Some websites don’t offer the agent’s name — or their photo. •Where are you? When prospects land on your [...]

Don’t be fooled by these 3 selling myths

First-time sellers beware: there are lots of myths out there about the right way to sell your home. While your Texas REALTOR® is your first line of defense [...]

Freddie Mac: Doubtful Rates Will Return to Recent Lows

Freddie Mac: Doubtful Rates Will Return to Recent Lows Posted: 26 Mar 2014 04:00 AM PDT "One thing seems certain: we aren't likely to see average 30-year fixed [...]

Millennials don’t just tweet, they also buy houses

If you want to reach the largest group of prospective first-time homebuyers, your website better be mobile-friendly. Consumers born between 1980 and [...]

Market Looks Healthy For 2014 and Frisco Over The Last 13 Months Has Created Huge Equity for Sellers

We all have high expectations for the housing market and it seems they're being fulfilled. Real estate analytics firm CoreLogic reported home prices rose in [...]

4 reasons hiring a professional real estate videographer is worth the cost

“Why hire a professional videographer to shoot listings?” I’ve seen that question a lot lately, along with articles about the hows or whys of creating [...]