All Gave Some. Some Gave All.

Source: Simplifying the Market All Gave Some. Some Gave [...]

Here’s to a Wonderful 2017!

We hope 2017 is a great year for you, both personally & professionally. Source: Simplifying the Market Here’s to a Wonderful [...]

Thank You for Your Support!

Have a Great Holiday! Source: Simplifying the Market Thank You for Your [...]

Thank You for Your Service!

Thank you for your service! Source: Simplifying the Market Thank You for Your [...]

Obstacles to Homeownership: Perceived or Real?

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Home Sales Will Remain Hot This Summer

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Stop Paying Your Landlord’s Mortgage!

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5 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Professional Today!

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Homeownership: A Key to Well-Being in Retirement

There has been much talk about homeownership and whether it is a true vehicle for building wealth. A new report looks at the impact owning a home has on the [...]

45% of Homes Sold in Less Than A Month!

45% of Homes Sold in Less Than A Month By: [...]